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Leather for Bookbinding

Protecting the Book, to ensure long-lasting, requires specific leathers and a good knowledge of the craftsmens needs. For classic bookbinding, modern works or administrative works we offer several goat leathers, adapted to skiving, cementing and gilding. Controlling the entire production process, we are able to offer to bookbinders and gilders, individuals or companies, proper leathers on a long term bases.
Our tanning is vegetable or combined. We constantly revive grain aspects offered by goat leathers: Maroquin with natural strong grain, handboarded goat skins with long or round grain with various finishing; smooth or "Patina".
Last but not least, for administrative Bookbinding works, we offer a large range of embossed grain on various supports, all specifications are adaptable by our workshop. Kindly see also our following articles on the web site:

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