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Tanner of goat and calf leather for more than a century

Our history

Founded in 1903 by David Alran, the company D. Alran & Cie started by removing wool from skins ready for tanning, initially the sheep and goat skins were produced for shoes makers.
Two factories were built and developed. The first, next to the Arnette river, works on tanning raw hides. The second production site closer to the town centre, carries out re-tanning and fine finishing tasks. In 1951, the second site was widely developed to service the increasing demand of the French shoe industry, in full expansion at the time. Specialization in goat leather production is step by step achieved. Many famous luxury brand names are already using D.Alrans leather products.

By the end of the sixties, the river workshop is closed and the company specialises in the leather finishing process. Techniques change quickly and new machinery helps in meeting increased demand for more complex finishing like Pigmentation, Staking and Glazing.
By mid eighties the company becomes the best "Goat leather processer in France" achieved by introducing various finishing processes (nubuck, metalized...) to the calf skins. At the time the business focus gradually moves from the shoe industry to the fine leather goods, accessories and craftsmen industry.

With a strong cultural knowledge of more than a century, and having a unique know-how in leather processing, the company renamed Alran S.A.S. in October 2007 and is now investing for the future with its customary passion.

Our Values

Producer in South of Tarn, we are attached to our roots and land, with deep respect for the material we process, the women and men working the skins, and the environment in which we evolve.

  • The leather: Each skin, even from the best origin can have technical restaints, sometimes defects, which are difficult to anticipate before tanning. To develop new "fashion" articles or to make classic products for traditional craftsmen's activities, the selection of the best skin can be difficult,whatever method used or however much time spent. So to produce wonderful skins we approach our raw materials with strict humility.
  • The Women and Men of our team: Both in their individual capacities, and collectivlly they value the raw material that serves our customers dealing with complex issues while facing a complex product.
  • The environment: Because it is precious, we invest in improvement of water retreatment and give priority to waste reduction and recycling.